Service & Products

At Talentum, we have significant expertise in understanding our clients' challenges and designing solutions that are based on best practices. Our highly skilled professionals have the experience, education, and industry certifications necessary to  respond to our clients’ issues. We are pragmatic. We employ a holistic approach that allows us to understand the context, identify missing elements and shape balanced solutions that are immediately useful to the client.

Talentum’s service lines include:

  • Facilitation: Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF) that create dynamic and engaging session using a variety of competencies, skills, techniques and processes all tailored for each engagement to maximize active group participation, drive senior leadership teams toward high productivity, and ensure buy-in of the results by all parties. Proven results for strategic planning sessions, goal setting, team building and study/focus groups and more.

  • Strategic Planning: ability to shape and focus execution towards mission objectives

  • Enterprise & Systemic Root Cause Analysis: Develop methods to review information, structure into logical segments that allows context and trend identification across an organization or enterprise in order to affect change that improves business processes across the enterprise.

  • Portfolio Analysis: Bridge the gap between high level ‘gut feel’ and low level ‘data overload’ using structured analysis methods to produce quantitative based informed decision aids that factor in multiple relevant perspectives in order to adjust and balance the solution based on current and forward looking scenarios.

  • Performance Management & Business Process Improvement: Discern business advantage and identify measurable improvement opportunities that position the business towards enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Communications & Message Shaping: Good ideas won’t always sell themselves. Our proven ability to shape an idea, develop the story and presentation that packs a visual impact allows our clients to effectively convey their message and communicate their intentions.

We are product and results driven. In every engagement we work closely with the client to understand the requirements and clearly identify the product that moves client to the desired results. A sampling of our varied products include: Strategic plans – both visual one page displays and reports; Presentations, Action Plans, Reports, Portfolio Assessments, Systemic Root Cause Analysis Assessment Results (quantitative and qualitative results); Documented Methods and Processes.